YA Sirens, Clones, and Dragons, Oh my!

Sound of Sirens by Jen MinkmanSound of Sirens

Genre: Dystopian Romance

Price: FREE

An ancient land, ever tempted by Siren song, and a girl who falls for the wrong boy.

Ripley says: I’ve always had a fascination with Sirens, but I guess that’s the point. 

Soren says: An excellent mash-up of dystopian and folk lore that will keep you reading. 

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo





Clone ThreeClone Three by Patti Larsen

Genre: Dystopian

Price: FREE

Clone Three wakes in a decaying city she doesn’t recognize. She must remember. She must survive.

Ripley says: A fast-paced, dystopian adventure. You’ll need the second one for sure.

Soren says: Clones are cool, but Clone Three is the coolest.

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | Smashwords 





Static by Tawny StokesStatic

Genre: Paranormal

Price: $0.99

Salem Vale was a huge groupie for the punk rock group Malice. But now she’s not. Now she has to kill them.

Ripley says:  I love the premise of this book. It’s so wonderfully twisted.

Soren says: Edgy, unique, and awesome. Don’t miss this one. 

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | iBooks





dragonfriendDragonfriend by Marc Secchia

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Abandoned and left for dead, this is the tale of Hualiama Dragonfriend, and a love which became legend. 

Ripley says:  I devour anything with dragons, and this book does not disappoint.

Soren says: Really love the cover and it matches the magic inside. 

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks





Regina Shen: Resilience by Lance ErlickRegina Shen

Genre: Sci-fi

Price: $2.99

Regina lives on the wrong side of the barriers that hold back the rising seas. And there’s a hurricane coming.

Ripley says: Hurricane Katrina meets dystopian, sci-fi, and a rebel cause.

Soren says: Regina Shen is your new favorite kick-ass YA character.

LINK: Amazon





ObscuredObscured by C. M. Boers

Genre: Paranormal

Price: $2.99

Moving sucks. Making new friends is even harder, especially when their intentions are so hard to discern.

Ripley says: Obscured depicts so well that fearful tightrope we all walk when building new relationships. 

Soren says: Suspenseful, mysterious, and well-crafted.

LINK: Amazon





Caller 107 by Matthew S. CoxCaller 107

Genre: Paranormal

Price: $4.99

When Natalie Rausch said she would die to meet DJ Crazy Todd, she did not mean to be literal.

Ripley says: A story of paranormal redemption that will move you.

Soren says: Touches on the things that happen to us, versus the choices we make in response. 

LINKS: Amazon




FiveFive: Out of the Dark by Holli Anderson

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Price: $4.99

Five Seattle teenagers with magical powers vow to protect unsuspecting humans from otherworldly foes.

Ripley says:  Great setting and a wonderful cast of characters to root for. 

Soren say:  Much more than your usual teens-with-powers tale. 

LINK: Amazon


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Karen Ann Hopkins Paperback Giveaway


If you like Amish books as much as I do, then you have to check out Karen Ann Hopkins and her amazing YA Amish romances. And what better way to do it than entering for a chance to win all four of them in paperback?


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Many of you know I love to make a bit of a puzzle game out of my cover reveals and get readers and fans involved. I’ve done that on my last two cover reveals through KICKSTARTER, and this year, for GHOST HOPE, I’m trying something new and doing it through PATREON.

So, the great news is I always give the first piece away to start the ball rolling. The middle piece with the title is already yours. The other GREAT NEWS is that today, already, Kimberly Rud made a generous pledge to my Patreon account and unveiled the second piece.

So, without further ado:



If you’d like to see more and help reveal the next piece, please head over to my PATREON ACCOUNT and join in the fun. You can participate for as little as a $1 pledge. We only need five more patronage dollars to unlock the next piece.

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I hope to see you over there.

Have a great day and happy reading.

YA gods and horror FREE, plus 6 other awesome deals!

Minor Gods by A. M Yatesminor gods

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Price: FREE

In the Core, humans walk a tenuous line, using ancient masks to channel the gods and their elemental powers.

Ripley says: Excellent world-building and a plot that keeps you reading.

Soren says: A really cool premise I haven’t seen in YA before. 

LINKS: Amazon | Google | B&N | iBooks




RunRun by Patti Larsen

Genre: Horror

Price: FREE

To survive, Reid must run, fight, hide, and hope he can outsmart the creatures hunting him.

Ripley says: Intense, thrilling, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Soren says: Be sure to grab book two as soon as you’re done with this one.

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | Smashwords





Balancer by Patrick WongBalancer

Genre: Sci-fi

Price: $0.99

What if you had the power to balance life? But in order to give life, you must take life.

Ripley says:  I adore this cover. It has such a delicate balance itself. 

Soren says: Strong female characters and great pacing make this a must-read.

LINK: Amazon





In Demons companyIn Demon’s Company

Genre: Paranormal

Price: $2.99

There’s a new demon in town and my boss isn’t happy. He hates competing for souls.

Ripley says: This is the second in the series, but the first is FREE.

Soren says: Urban fantasy, comedy and horror. What more do you need?

LINKS: Amazon | Kobo | iBooks





Paladin by Sally SlaterPaladin

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $2.99

Imagine Game of Thrones with less blood and more gender confusion and you get a taste of this knightly epic.

Ripley says: Sally Slater is the #1 Fantasy author on Wattpad. 

Soren says: This is the next YA stand-alone you need to read.

LINK: Amazon





DeceptionRachel’s Deception by Karen Ann Hopkins

Genre: Romance

Price: $3.99

Growing up Amish is difficult…but leaving it behind is even harder.

Ripley says: If you love Amish books the way I do, you have to check out Karen Ann Hopkins.

Soren says: Excellent contemporary romance with lots of heart. 

LINK: Amazon





From the Sky by J.E NicassioFrom the Sky

Genre: Sci-fi

Price: $4.99

Samantha moves to New Mexico and a strange boy introduces her to the hidden world of real-life aliens.

Ripley says: I love a good alien romance and Nicassio pulls this one off perfectly. 

Soren says: A new release from a new author you don’t want to miss.

LINK: Amazon





The Summer the World Ended by Matthew S. CoxThe summer

Genre: Apocalyptic

Price: $4.99

When Riley’s best friend leaves for the summer, it seems like the end of the world―at least until the bombs fall.

Ripley says:  An excellent end-of-the world scenario with gripping narrative.

Soren say: Riley is a realistic, teen protagonist we can all relate to.

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | Kobo 


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SPECIAL FEATURE: Aegis Rising and Aegis Incursion

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Wolf-shifters, aliens, and Arthurian knights in this week’s picks.

Whispers in Autumn by Trisha LeighWhispers in Autumn

Genre: Sci-fi

Price: FREE

Althea and Lucas are immune to the aliens’ mind control, and together only they can free the human race. 

Ripley says: A fantastic sci-fi dystopian that will keep your heart racing to the end. 

Soren says: It certainly earned all those rave reviews. 

LINK: Amazon





If I Speak TrueIf I Speak True by Jessica L. Brooks

Genre: Magical Realism

Price: $0.99

Dahlia Kennedy has the same lonely dream every year on her birthday, but this year it’s different. 

Ripley says: I love the play of dark and light on that cover. 

Soren says: YA magical realism isn’t a genre you see everyday, especially not done this well. 

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | Smashwords





Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer EllisionThreats

Price: $0.99

Genre: Fantasy

Bree must unravel her father’s past before the King takes his life and uses her to bring a nation to its knees.

Ripley says: Well-conceived elemental magic in this YA fantasy gem. 

Soren says: Love the idea of a magical barmaid conscripted to court. 

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | iBooks





BlackthorneBlackthorne Forest by Claire Fogel

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $1.99

A dark forest and a desire to know her mysterious father draw fifteen-year-old Cara into a search for the truth.

Ripley says: Not a single review under 4 stars. 

Soren says: A superbly written modern fairy tale for all ages.

LINK: Amazon





Fractured Memories by Jo SchneiderFractured

Price: $1.99

Genre: Dystopian

What if the people who saved your life, were also the people who’d killed your entire family?

Ripley says: Wendy is the new kick-ass YA character you’ve been looking for. 

Soren says: Fast-pace, well-written, and a suspenseful ride. 

LINK: Amazon





The HuntedThe Hunted by C.J. Hart

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Price: $2.99

Just your average boy-meets-girl, boy-is-a-skinwalker, boy-kills-people story.

Ripley says: If you like shifters, wolves, and romance, you’re going to love The Hunted.

Soren says: I love the cover on this one. It really catches the mood.

LINKS: Amazon | B&N





Don’t Forget to Breathe by Cathrina ConstantineBreathe

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Price: $2.99

Leocadia has lost her mother and her memories of that night. Now she just might be losing her mind.

Ripley says:  A quality YA mystery.

Soren says:  Creepy, tense, edge-of-your seat reading.

LINK: Amazon


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River’s Recruit FREE on all retailers

Rivers recruit

River’s Recruit

Free on all retailers.

River believes all outsiders are disease infested idiots and a threat to her secret society of wolf shifters. The laws that keep her people safe are absolute. No outsider can ever know of their existence. But when a handsome stranger risks his life to save River from a mountain lion, she has two choices…recruit him into her society as a servant, or kill him.


Download a copy today

Amazon | B&N | iBooks





Oracles, Time Travel, and Fiery Angels in this week’s YA picks

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel Enchantment

Genre: Paranormal

Price: FREE

Under a chastity curse, Channie doesn’t dare flirt with the guys at her new school, until she meets Josh.

Ripley says: Rave reviews for this witchy,YA page-turner. 

Soren saysI love the idea of a curse like this and the mayhem that ensues. 

LINK: Amazon





SacrificedSacrificed by Emily Wibberley

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Knowing the future can save Clio’s city, but not her heart.

Ripley says: Not a single review under three stars.

Soren says: Kindle Top Ten Bestseller in Teen and Young Adult for five months running.

LINK: Amazon





Twisted by Holly HookTwisted

Genre: Paranormal

Price: $0.99

When 16-year-old Allie goes storm chasing, she gets more than she ever bargained for.

Ripley says: A truly unique twist on the YA paranormal genre.

Soren says: Discount ends today, so grab it now.

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | iBooks





Insight KindlingInsight Kindling by Chess Desalls

Genre: Time Travel

Price: $0.99

Calla faces charges against her for changing the past, and the trial does not go well.

Ripley says: Don’t miss this second installment of the awesome Everwhen series. 

Soren says: That cover is awesome!

LINKS: Amazon | B&N | iBooks




The Sky Song Trilogy by Sharon Santsky son trilogy

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $2.99

All Jacob has to his name is an unknown past, an unwanted destiny, and a desperate fight for survival.

Ripley says: The critically acclaimed Sky Song trilogy all in one complete set.

Soren says: An awesome blend of genres woven with skillful storytelling.

LINK: Amazon




Embers by Karen Ann HopkinsEmbers

Genre: Paranormal Dystopian

Price; $3.99

There are descendants of angels walking among us. Ember is one of them.

Ripley says: I am totally in love with this cover. 

Soren says:  Pick this one up, and you won’t put it down until the last page. 

LINK: Amazon





Nola galsNola Gals by Barbara J. Rebbeck

Genre: Historical

Price: $4.99

Essence and Grace don’t know each other, but Hurricane Katrina is about to change all that.

Ripley says:  A poignant, touching look at Hurricane Katrina for all ages. 

Soren says: Sometimes recent history has the stories we most need to tell and hear. 

LINK: Amazon

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Special Feature: For the Love of Dragons

If you love dragons as much as I do, you should totally check out Marc Secchia.

Right now his book Dragonfriend is on sale for only 99 cents. It’s #YA, has a fabulous cover, and I can’t wait to get to it in my to-be-read pile. And there is already a second book in the series, Dragonlove.dragonfriend


But there’s more. He also has a YA Dragon Shifter series. The first book Aranya is only $3.99. And his list of other great YA books is extensive.


If you’ve been looking for a new indie author to fall for, I think Secchia is it!

Now go grab his books and Happy Reading.


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