Christchurch Earthquake

Just wanted to be sure everyone knew that me and mine are fine after the 7.1 earthquake that hit Christchurch on the morning of September 4th.

The rumors of New Zealand’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, in my opinioin.

Yes, it was a bumpy scary ride in the dark. But no one was killed, and there were only two serious injuries.

Utilities are being restored at an incredible rate. We got our electricity and internet back only 10 hours after the quake.

Yes, many buildings have been destroyed or seriously compromised, but the clean up effort is going amazingly well. Personally, our house has a compromised wall that has already been checked by a contractor and may have to come down.

Many businesses and schools located in the central business district are closed, as that area was hardest hit and is blocked off for public traffic.

And there have been a couple fires related to gas leakage.

But the Kiwi spirit of “making it work” is alive and well. The city is responding like a well-oiled machine. People are helping one another pick up the pieces smoothly and quickly.

And though I know this account isn’t the sensational stuff you’ll see on the news reports of backyard volcanoes and Christchurch sinking like Atlantis (and I am a fiction writer, so all that is very tempting) it is what I am seeing right here, today.  Life goes on. Things are rebuilt. Humans adapt.

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