The Big Move

As many of you know by now, the reason for my long silence here was the fact that I was moving. Due to spousal work changes and a few other minor issues, we found it suddenly and rather shockingly necessary to move back to the United States from our five year home in Christchurch, New Zealand.

So, after a grueling month of deconstructing our lives, our house, and our home, and an even more grueling 36- hour journey through air and across sea, we have landed in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon and are re-establishing a life in the Pacific Northwest area (Seattle, Porltand or Vancouver, BC).

Edits of the first draft of Ghosthand will resume soon, and I am looking forward to being in the US to snag an agent and publisher for it, rather than from overseas.

I will still be the President of SpecFicNZ- at least for this year- with the goal of turning it over to a Kiwi President at the next election.

It is amazingly good to be home.

If you are in the Portland or Pacific Northwest area, and you’d like to connect, let me know as I’d love to meet up with so many of you internet friends “for reals.”

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Ripley Patton lives in a 22-foot camper in the woods of Southern Illinois with a cat named Lemmy. Her two young adult children, a daughter and a son, are her favorite people. When Ripley's not out exploring nature and getting her hands dirty, she's usually reading or writing a book.

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