Twelve Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Kickstarter

1. Kickstarter was founded by a music journalist and a waiter. The waiter, Perry Chen, had the idea, and he bounced it off one of his regulars, journalist Yancy Strickler. Once they got the internet savvy Charles Adler in involved, the rest was history

2. Over six million people visit the Kickstarter website every month.

3. Film is the largest category funded.

4. in 2011 Kickstarter was the third largest publisher of comic books in the US.

5. At what point is the backing process almost a guaranteed success? When a project reaches 30% of its funding, it succeeds 90% of the time. When a project reaches 10% of its funding, it succeeds 75% of the time.

6. 44% of all projects made their goal in 2011.

7. Successful projects on average make 125% of their funding goal.

8. 90 day projects have the lowest success rate, compared to other time-frames.

9. Most funding activity occurs in the first five days and the last five days, due to the excitement when the project is new, and the urgency when it is about to go away.

10. 20% of Kickstarter funding comes from outside the US.

11. Detroit Needs a Robocop was a successful 2011 Kickstarter project to erect a life-size statue of Robocop in Detroit. It raised $67, 436 dollars and Detroit’s Robocop is now in production.

12. In 2011, founder Yancey Strickler had backed 400 Kickstarter projects. Only two other people in the world have backed more projects than he has.

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