15 Ways to Promote a Writer in 5 Minutes or Less

Traditionally published authors have marketing teams and big publisher money behind their book campaigns. Self-published authors like me have the internet, social media, and word of mouth. So, I thought I would make a list of 15 simple ways readers can help promote their favorite authors, each in five minutes or less. I’ve inserted my new YA paranormal thriller, Ghost Hand, in the list below, but the same list can be applied to other authors and books you wish to support as well.

1. Tweet about Ghost Hand, or follow my twitter @rippatton and retweet my tweets.

2. Like my NEW Facebook Author Page.

3. Like Ghost Hand on its Amazon page.

4. Recommend Ghost Hand to friends on Goodreads.

5. Become my friend and fan on Goodreads.

6. Rate Ghost Hand on Goodreads.

7. Add Ghost Hand to a shelf or Listopia list on Goodreads.

8. Vote for Ghost Hand as best book of November 2012 on Goodreads.

9. Take a picture of yourself with your copy of Ghost Hand and send it to me or post it somewhere. Be sure to send me a link:)

10. Tell a friend about Ghost Hand and lend or gift them a copy.

11. Request Ghost Hand at your local library with their “Suggest a Purchase” form.

12. Talk to the clerks in any bookstores you visit and ask if they carry the book. If not give them a short book report and recommend they order a few copies.

14. Share my website www.ripleypatton.com with someone.

15. Suggest Ghost Hand to your favorite local or online book group.

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Ripley Patton lives in a 22-foot camper in the woods of Southern Illinois with a cat named Lemmy. Her two young adult children, a daughter and a son, are her favorite people. When Ripley's not out exploring nature and getting her hands dirty, she's usually reading or writing a book.

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