Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word about the FREE DAYS for Ghost Hand FEB 14-16 on Amazon Kindle. The results FAR exceeded even my wildest expectations.

I was hoping for 5,000 downloads. 10,000 was a pipe dream I’d heard thrown around by those who are considered “made” in the self-publishing industry already.

So, when the final tally was 11,554 downloads, I was kind of blown away. I also cracked every international market Amazon has including: India, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada and Brazil.

Of course, not everyone who downloads a free book will read it. And not everyone who reads it will like it. But the fact that my book is now in that many reader’s hands is pretty awesome. Sales have steadily increased since the free days ended and Ghost Hand is now ranked #34 in Amazon’s Paid Fantasy Series list.

The Ghost Hand ebook has now returned to the still-economical price of $2.99, and I believe it is worth every penny.  And the paperback will be on sale for $10.99 until the end of February. Please keep spreading the word to friends and family if you’ve read the book and liked it. And don’t forget, you can give e-books as gifts to anyone with an e-reader. It’s as easy as sending an e-mail.

Now, after all this energy spent giving book one a good send-off into the world, I will return to the joyful grind of writing book two, Ghost Hold.

One Response to “FREE DAY RESULTS”

  • Ada:

    Congrats on the amazing numbers! So glad to hear that it was such a great success! I look forward to reading the book alongside 11,000+ others! Thanks for your comment about “ReVamped”! I hope that you enjoy.

    Ada Adams


Ripley Patton lives in a 22-foot camper in the woods of Southern Illinois with a cat named Lemmy. Her two young adult children, a daughter and a son, are her favorite people. When Ripley's not out exploring nature and getting her hands dirty, she's usually reading or writing a book.

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