Title of The PSS Chronicles Book Three Announced

I am thrilled to officially announce the title of book three of The PSS Chronicles.

And it shall be called GHOST HEART.


Interestingly, around the time I was settling on this title, friends and fans kept sending me a link to a science article about an actual ghost heart, so I felt like that was a very fortuitous sign. If you’re interested in how life follows art, or vice versa, you can check out the article HERE

I have been getting many e-mails and website comments asking when the book will be available, and I can only give you my tentative plan, as the book is still being written, but here it is: I will be running the Kickstarter Campaign for GHOST HEART in May, which will have backer options to pre-order the book in various e-book formats and as a signed paperback. If you are on Kickstarter, you can follow me HERE. If you aren’t, it is a great crowdfunding website and I encourage you to go check it out and back a creative project or two. The publication of both GHOST HAND and GHOST HOLD was funded through Kickstarter and they would not be the quality products they are without it.

Currently, I’m shooting for a summer 2014 release of GHOST HEART. The writing is going very well, and if it continues to do so I should make that mark. In some other very special news, this book will be written from three different points of view and getting into the heads of these other characters is going to be a blast.  Finally, I do believe that GHOST HEART will not be the final book of the series. It is looking like there may be a fourth book, and I’m pretty excited about that prospect.

Be sure to stay tuned to here and via the newsletter, as I will be releasing new snippets and sneak peeks each month.

Watch in February for the first sneak peak excerpt from GHOST HEART.

 And thanks for all your FANtastic support.

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