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77065157-52f3-491d-8cfc-6720722e8e13Winter’s Bite by Hannah Parry

Genre: Young Adult Historical Mystery

Price: FREE

When Isabella’s father dies in India, she’s sent “home” to England, a country she’s never known.

Ripley says: A wonderful, historical tale that reminds me of Dickens and Twain.

Soren says: Well done historical YA is hard to find, but this fits the bill.

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c4f3e84e-fa8e-4cde-b698-ce75cfeef0fcThe Society of Imaginary Friends by Kristen Pham

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: FREE

What is a girl to do when her imaginary friend is actively plotting to kill her?

Ripley says: Original premise and great world-building in this fantasy YA.

Soren says: Exciting, well-written, and imaginative. 

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73f0b359-0672-4e00-9d62-ece3a72218ffEvaluations of the Tribes by Raphyel M. Jordan

Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi

Price: FREE

Aly and Catty’s friendship is tested when they must learn the skills to ensure the survival of their tribe and planet.

Ripley says: A coming-of-age story from a unique alien perspective. 

Soren says: Well-conceived social sci-fi that keeps you reading.

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341e6bb0-6865-4523-ab83-cb7266f2dacdThe Boy With Words by C.E. Wilson

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

White Frost’s people live cloaked in darkness, content to live in fearful peace with the Unknown. But she is not.

Ripley says: Refreshing borrower-esque YA fantasy romance.

Soren says: Not a single review under 3 stars makes this a sure read.

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42482228-3d4e-4fb5-b8bd-3b1ccceea39cSunset by Sandra Cox

Genre: New Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Gillian Stone has it all: wealth, beauty, and the freedom to come and go as she pleases…at least from sunset till dawn.

Ripley says:  NA featuring a wish-spell, a genie, and a great story line.

Soren says: Fun, inventive, and entertaining. 

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c02c5b7a-b78e-4414-ab55-cb63ebfa7747Snow Bunny by M.Y. Zeman

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Price: $2.99

Snow is a wererabbit who thinks her fate is to live and die in a lab until a vampire saves her.

Ripley says: Love the concept of a wererabbit in love with a werewolf. 

Soren says: This should be your next shifter read. 

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39655672-9d62-424e-8e58-522d8858b6b1Timespell by Diana Paz

Genre: Young Adult Time Travel

Price: $3.99

Julia is a Daughter of Fate, destined to travel through time to battle the creatures who seek to change history.

Ripley says: An enchanting start to a must-read series. 

Soren says: Excellent take on the time travel genre. Don’t miss is. 

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