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The Changelings by Elle Casey

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: FREE

Jayne, Tony, and a group of runaway teens are hijacked and sent into a forest, where nothing is what it seems.

Ripley says: Clever, unique, and highly entertaining.

Soren says: A real page-turner with excellent world-building.

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Whispers of the Damned by Jamie Magee

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Price: FREE

Charlie has proven her power against the darkness many times. Unforunately, she can’t remember doing it.

Ripley says: Interesting and engaging.

Soren says: Great offshoot of the Web of Hearts and Souls Universe.

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Arrows and Angels by Kristin D. Van Risseghem

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

The rules of being a guardian angel haven’t changed, but Kieran has, and he will not let his next charge die.

Ripley says: Clean, sweet books for even the younger YA reader.

Soren says: Don’t miss this Amazon Best Seller.

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God of the Sun by Kimberly Loth

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Crown Princess Zwaantie of Sol harbors a dangerous secret. She’s doesn’t want to be queen.

Ripley says: Grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go.

Soren says: Not a single review under 3 stars makes this a must read.

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Burning by Rebecca Fernfield

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Romance

Price: $0.99

It’s 2081 and England is broken. Civil society has collapsed and warlords and criminal gangs are taking control.

Ripley says: An intense, wild ride into a dark future.

Soren says: Strong female lead and a haunting setting.

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Exotiqa by M. Black

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Price: $2.99

The nation is controlled by a popular online program. Those that deviate risk their lives, but that doesn’t stop Fione.

Ripley says: YA dystopian cyberpunk at it’s best.

Soren says: Divergent meets iRobot but still unique and original.

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