Mindjack and 2 others for FREE!

Introducing New Covers and a New Book for the Mindjack series by Susan Kaye Quinn! Grab Open Minds (Mindjack #1) for Free from all retailers.

Kira Moore is a zero—she can’t read thoughts in a mindreading world. Zeros are outcasts who can’t be trusted. When she accidentally controls her best friends’s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability, but she’s quickly dragged into a hidden world of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning.

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The God Decrees by Mark E. Cooper

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: FREE

Summoned by a wizard to save his people, will Julia be their savior or their destroyer?

Ripley says: Fantastic cover with a story inside to match.

Soren says: All the great things fantasy holds and then some.

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Home Lost by Franz McLaren

Genre: Young Adult Epic Fantasy

Price: FREE

Leena, a mere hedge-witch, is granted an artifact of great power but returns to find her village and family gone.

Ripley says: Easy to read YA fantasy adventure.

Soren says: Good world-building and a great start to an excellent series.

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City of Skies by Farah Cook

Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi

Price: $0.99

Norah Hunt has just joined the deadly quest to discover the ancient Viking legend of the hidden Shadowislands.

Ripley says: Rave reviews for this intriguing new series.

Soren says: Mysterious tale with a hint of Norse Mythology.

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Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Bryn sees a glow on those around her, but she also knows what happens to people who claim impossible powers.

Ripley says: Awesome teen voice and female lead character.

Soren says: Grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go.

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Order of Vespers by Elyse Reyes

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy

Price: $2.99

Jasper Andrews finds herself in over her head when God and the Devil disappear from Earth.

Ripley says: A unique concept very well executed.

Soren says: Not a single review under 3 stars makes this a sure read.

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RANA: Teenage Queen by Liza O’Connor

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $2.99

Only 16 when she becomes queen, Rana’s first challenge is to quell an internal coup AND a raid on her castle.

Ripley says: Brand new release. Don’t miss it.

Soren says: A wonderful page-turner. Will keep you reading.

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