2 Free YA books

Wings of Darkness by Sherri A. Wingler

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Price: FREE

When Izzy has a car accident, strange things start happening and her ordinary life is turned upside down.

Ripley says: A real page-turner you won’t be able to put down.

Soren says: Great characters in this quirky reaper tale.

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Journey to Nel Mezzo by Jennifer Sloane

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: FREE

When a family vacation takes Celeste off-grid, she’s catapulted into another dimension inside a virtual reality game.

Ripley says: Full or heart, soul, and a lot of fun.

Soren says: Good world-building in this homage to VR gaming.

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Souls of the Never by CJ Rutherford

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Something evil wants our world, and it’s coming through Katheryne’s nightmares to get here.

Ripley says: Lots of action and just the right amount of romance.

Soren says: A delightful sci-fi/fantasy blend you don’t want to miss.

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Ripley Patton lives in Portland, Oregon with one cat, two teenagers, and a man who wants to live on a boat. She is an award-winning short story writer and author of The PSS Chronicles, a YA paranormal thriller series.

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