More YA books you don’t want to miss.

Inborn by Amy Saunders

Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi

Price: FREE

Sixteen-year-old Rosamund Brandt has lived a semi-normal life considering her family is descended from aliens

Ripley says: Great YA sci-fi thriller that will keep you reading.

Soren says: Not your typical alien story in a very good way.

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Captive by Anna Santos

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Price: $0.99

Innocent Aria never imagined that a trip to Paris would hurl her into a world of vampires, angels, and werewolves

Ripley says: A riveting read from start to finish.

Soren says: A unique twist to the paranormal soul-mates tale.

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Iron Mike by Patricia Rose

Price: Young Adult Dystopian

Genre: $2.99

When the black ships drop from the clouds and billions die, can a boy and his dog save what’s left of humanity?

Ripley says: Great premise and fantastically well-written.

Soren says: You will not regret grabbing this one.

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Ray of Light by Elle Scott

Price: Young Adult Sci-Fi

Genre: $0.99

Yesterday, Nora worked collecting orbs that have the power to protect and destroy. Today, she’s caught in a war.

Ripley says: A great plot and a real page-turner.

Soren says: Not a single review under 5 stars makes this a must read.

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