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Like a punch in the face, Maeve O’Malley’s visions knock her off her path. The Pirate Queen that killed her mother years ago is stalking Maeve in her dreams. So, she packs her bags, leaves America, and heads to the west coast of Ireland to chase her dreams—and end them. 

Maeve’s journey becomes a medieval treasure hunt through Ireland’s castles and ruins as she tracks the wrathful Pirate Queen who has marked her for vengeance.


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Initiation by Peter King

Genre: Young Adult Sci-fi

Price: FREE

Sam Kahu, a young Maori teen from Northland, flees his drug dealing father and becames a Changel.

Ripley says: An original YA sci-fi set in New Zealand.

Soren says: Nice blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements.

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The King’s Ward by Chris Northern

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Byron and Calista don’t belong anywhere until they’re drawn into a world of heroes, magic, and mystery.

Ripley says: Strange, unique, and delightful.

Soren says: An excellent fantasy tale for all ages.

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Touch of Fondness by Joy Penny

Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Price: $0.99

Four friends. Four college grads. Four people figuring out life doesn’t always turn out the way you expected.

Ripley says: Wonderful college grad geek main character you’ll root for.

Soren says: Joy Penny is a new NA author to watch.

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Cassandra’s Castle by D.L. Gardner

Young Adult Historical Fantasy


While writing a project on revolution, Cassandra accidentally opens a portal and time-travels to a magical land.

Ripley says: Gripping, sweet, and fanciful.

Soren says: Great world-building and an engaging plot.

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