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Transport yourself to other worlds with 15 Marked by Fate teen warriors…

The short stories and deleted scenes in Marked by Fate: Origins are exclusive to this collection and they go away–some of them forever–when the Marked by Fate full box set releases in October 2017.

Get the Marked by Fate: Origins collection today to join these teen warriors in their adventures.

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Cry of the Sea by D.G. Driver

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Price: FREE

Juniper discovers real mermaids during an oil spill and struggles to protect them from being exploited or killed.

Ripley says: Thoughtful, with a strong female lead.

Soren says: Touches on issues of the environment through great storytelling.

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Live Fast, Die Young by Vanessa Barneveld  

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Price: FREE

Molly Corbett can’t stand seeing her childhood pal Alex Gibson destroy himself and plans to intervene.

Ripley says: Edgy but tender YA novella.

Soren says: A nice blend of humor and emotion, with a realistc teen voice.


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Empowered Agent by Dale Ivan Smith 

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Price: FREE

A gang threatens Mathilda Brandt’s sisters, and she will use her illegal superpower to protect them.

Ripley says: Not a single review under 3 stars makes this a must read.

Soren says: Awesome superhero don’t want to miss.

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Configured by Jenetta Penner

Genre: Young Adult Sci-fi

Price: $0.99

In a society where emotions are nothing and function is everything, Avlyn Lark is just trying to blend in.

Ripley says: Currently an Amazon best seller. I loved this one.

Soren says: Lovers of Dystopian, you just found your next great read.

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Coats: Black Coats by O. Aro

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Price: $0.99

Donovan Saul, head boy and chief Black Coat at Lonsdale, just wants to get into Oxford and be a success.

Ripley says: Quality British school fiction.

Soren says: Cool cover and excellent concept well-told.

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A Widgie Knight by Mary D. Brooks

Genre: New Adult Romance

Price: $0.99

When Zoe faces unwanted attention, Eva transforms into a leather clad warrior for her lady in distress.

Ripley says: Sweet, historical, lesbian romance novella.

Soren says: Full of humor and lovable characters.

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Enlightened by Billie Kowalewski

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Price: $1.99

Harmony is a student at the biggest, most famous school ever known …and so are you! Earth is that school.

Ripley says: Love the unique premise.

Soren says: Slowly unfolds into a compelling and gripping tale.

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