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  • Tag Line Creation

  • Blurb Writing

  • Synopsis Writing

  • Pitch and Cover Letter Writing

  • Short Story Editing

  • Full Manuscript Edits (Both developmental and line edits in one pass).

Do you hate writing book description blurbs? Or synopses? Or tag lines? Or pitch letters to agents and publishers?

Well, you’re in luck, because I love writing that stuff. I know it can be hard to find an editor for the small projects. They’re all booked into next year and don’t really have the time to check out your newest short story. Plus, their turn-around times are months away, and you need that little edit now.

That’s where I come in. I love small edits, will give you a reasonable price, and I have a very fast turn-around time.

For as little as $30, you can have a shiny new blurb. Synopsis costs vary, depending on how much information you can give me. For $20, I’ll give you 3-4 tag lines to choose from. Cover/pitch letters are $35. Short stories are charged by length.

I also do full-length manuscript editing, specializing in comprehensive developmental edits. These edits focus on story line, plot arc, character development, and overall story consistency. I do in-line commentary as well as detailed e-mail explanations with my clients. I love having a back and forth with clients, incorporating their input into my edits. My goal is to make your story the best it can possibly be, but of course, you’re free to take or leave whatever edits I propose. I currently charge .005 cents a word and offer a FREE SAMPLE first chapter or 4,000 word edit (whichever is shorter), so we can see if we’re a good fit to work together. Simply fill out the interest form below and indicate you’d like the FREE SAMPLE EDIT.

Take a look at what authors are saying about my writing/editing services.

“I’m amazed at how Ripley picks the most important points and¬†tightens my long-winded sentences without losing the story. I’m loving this new synopsis.” YA Author Lorraine M.L.M

From now on I’ll be coming to Ripley for blurb writing. Wow! I don’t know how she does it but this is amazing. I love my new blurb. – YA Author of the SeQuence Series, Lorraine M.L.M

Blurb writing is an art in itself and Ripley nailed it, creating a powerful and punchy book description that got to the heart of Rising Tides. She’s also a delight to work with and delivered VERY quickly. I’ll be back for more! – YA Author Katy Haye

The blurb Ripley wrote for my book is perfect and something that would have taken me hours of practice and frustration. – YA Author Yesenia Vargas

Ripley Patton just redid the blurbs for my first two books. Oh my gosh. She’s so good! – YA Author Constance Burris

I worked with Ripley to help me with book blurbs for several of my novels, and I am thrilled with what she came up with! ¬†She has a real gift for writing a blurb that catches the reader’s attention and totally sells the book! – Crime Thriller Author J.J. DiBenedetto

Ripley is a blurb writing genius! Her blurbs are short, sweet, to-the-point, and will entice readers. In other words, they are everything you want and more! I highly recommend her services! – Author Nicole Taylor

To schedule your editing appointment today, simply fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you soon with more info and an invoice.


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Ripley Patton lives in a 22-foot camper in the woods of Southern Illinois with a cat named Lemmy. Her two young adult children, a daughter and a son, are her favorite people. When Ripley's not out exploring nature and getting her hands dirty, she's usually reading or writing a book.

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