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Mansfield with Monsters

I want to spread the word about an amazing new book project some folks I know have done.

It is called Mansfield with Monsters, and has been authored by Debbie and Matt Cowens (an amazing writerly duo) and put out by Stephen Minchin’s Steam Press.

Katherine Mansfield is one of New Zealand’s most famous and influential writers. While her work is well known, many will be surprised to learn that the ‘accepted’ versions of her stories are often pale reflections of the original manuscripts.

Mansfield with Monsters is the first time that Mansfield’s vision of the supernatural has been published in full – a dream that she often spoke of in her correspondence with occultist Aleister Crowley and American author H. P. Lovecraft. Matt and Debbie Cowens have pieced together recently recovered fragments of her work, recreating Mansfield’s beloved tales as they were first written, complete with vampires, ghouls, and alien monsters. These versions will shock and delight those in the literary community who always suspected that there was more to Mansfield’s work than we had been led to believe.

Mansfield once wrote, “don’t lower your mask until you have another mask prepared beneath—as terrible as you like—but a mask.” While we may never know Mansfield’s true face or fate, Matt and Debbie Cowens are proud to draw back the public mask of one of our most beloved authors to reveal the more chilling one beneath.

Here’s a cool video interview with the authors.


Mansfield with Monsters is available from and from bookstores across New Zealand.

I just bought my Kindle copy and can’t wait to read it.

Now go get yours.

Mary Had a Unicorn

Sold my mythpunk short story, Mary Had a Unicorn, to Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, an anthology being put out by Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey (oft-times editors of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine) this June.

I am very fond of this story, which features miniature government-gengineered drug-sniffing unicorns, a  drug-addicted teen protagonist and an alcoholic father.

It is dark. It has an anti-hero. It has kick-ass unicorns.

What more is there?

I’ll be sure to let you know how to order the antho when the time comes.

Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels


Friendly. Useful. Current. And I’m in it with a long chapter on character development.

Put out by Dragon Moon Press in September 2011 and written by a collection of well-known authors for new authors, The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels: Volume 1 covers a wide range of topics necessary for building your first paranormal novel. Paranormal novels are found in all sections of the fiction bookstore. One of the most prevalent forms of fantasy masquerading as romances, mysteries, general fiction and urban fantasy, this guide has tips and topics specific to writing a variety of paranormal novels.

This guide will provide a solid path to completing that first novel by offering detailed help and reference material to get you writing.

Available now in paperback at AMAZON, GOODREADS, and IN KINDLE VERSION.

Tales for Canterbury Ebook

The Ebook version of Tales for Canterbury is now available.

Tales for Canterbury is a short story anthology loosely themed around survival, hope and the future. All profits of this anthology will be donated to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. The anthology contains 34 stories, including my new magical realism story, The Bus to Nostalgia, (and of course, one by Neil Gaiman) and is edited by Cassie Hart and Anna Caro.

Wondering about the paperback hardcopy version? It is at the printers now. You can order the ebook version or pre-order the paperback at Random Static publishers.

I hope you’ll support my broken city, Christchurch, in its earthquake recovery, and me personally, by purchasing this wonderful book and spreading the word on your blogs and website, and to friends and family.

Broken Water

I’m excited to announce that my flash fantasy story, Broken Water, is currently out in the premiere issue of State of Imagination online magazine.

SoI is a literary e-zine publishing eclectic, weird fiction the world needs to read.  Published quarterly, looking for creative, highly imaginative and genre-blurring prose in both flash fiction and short fiction lengths.

The really cool thing is that I was approached personally by SoL’s editor Shaylen Maxwell for a submission for this first issue.

I hope you’ll all go, read it, and the rest of the magazine.

Looking Back at 2010

2010 was good to me. Here’s a quick run-down of what I accomplished.

1. I started my first novel, a YA urban fantasy titled Ghosthand. I am currently on chapter 15 and about 35K into the manuscript.

2. I sold my first short story to an anthology published in NZ and by New Zealanders, A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction.

3. I sold my story “Heart of the Salamander” both online and in print form.

4. I had two stories short-listed for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards.

5. I sold four stories as reprints, one to an amazing podcast, Cossmass Infinities, out of Scotland.

6. I conducted my first ever contest, a logo contest for SpecFicNZ, a national writers association I founded.

7. I guest edited for the first time at Wily Writers Website for Downloadable Speculative Fiction for their Flash Fiction issue.

8. I gave my first radio interview as an author for Women on Air 96.9 out of Christchurch, New Zealand.

9. I gave my first writers workshop ever (on writing Flash Fiction) at Au Contraire in Wellington.

10. I sat my first author’s panel (On Myth and Fairy Tale in Fiction) at Au Contraire in Wellington.

11. I attended my first book launch (as a contributing author) at Au Contraire for A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction. Also did my first book signing.

12. I launched my first national writers association, SpecFicNZ, at Au Contraire in Wellington in August 2010, opening with 20 original members. SpecFicNZ now has 65 members and climbing (in only 3 and a half months).

13. I won my first award, A Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Short Story for “Corrigan’s Exchange”.

14. I won my first contest, the Au Contraire short story contest judged by Sean Williams, with my story “The Future of the Sky.”

15. I survived my first 7.1 earthquake and numerous aftershocks.

16. I managed to move a household of four in under 24 hours, due to damage done to my home by a 7.1 earthquake.

17. I gave my first interview for a global blog, The World SF News Blog.

18. I participated in my first NaNoWriMo, and added about 20K to my novel.

19. I sold my first story, sight unseen, to an editor by request for the premiere issue of a magazine.


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