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Next month, I’m starting a new endeavor called RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST, and I wanted to invite all of you to get in on the ground floor.  

As an independently published author, I’ve subscribed and submitted to countless e-book subscription lists. You know, those e-mails you find in your inbox full of free or cheap e-books you download but never actually read. As a reader and writer of young adult fiction, I’ve often wished there was a list exclusively for young adult literature. And as a picky reader, I’ve also wished someone was curating those lists, selecting books not just because an author paid them to, but because there was something about each book that they loved.

Many of you have seen and utilized the monthly book recommendations I put in my PSS Chronicles Newsletter. I am an avid reader and a very vocal book evangelist. When I fall for a book, I fall hard and want everyone else to experience the love of that book as well.

And so, with the help of my son Soren, a real, live young adult who is also passionate about books, we will be launching a YA only, weekly, curated, discount e-book subscription list to help both authors and readers find their niche.

YA collage


First, we’ll be focusing on our specialty, YA. We can’t do it all, but I know we can serve up quality selections for under $5 in the genre we love and know.

Second, we’re going to be picky. We’re not just going to take any book an author submits and pays for. RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST will ONLY feature books we ourselves would want to read, own, and spend our hard earned money on. And we’re going to tell you exactly why we selected the books we did.

Finally, we have big plans for the future. We want to cultivate our list into a vibrant YA reading and writing community. We hope to not only list books but to develop such features as Themed Lists (Example: YA books featuring autism), Monthly Reading Challenges, Book Clubs, Book Discussions, Guest Authors, Giveaways, and more. Getting in on it now allows you to be a part of exactly how RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST evolves and grows. 


RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST will begin going out to subscribers the first week of April, but before that can happen we need readers and we need authors to submit their books. On the first count, because of the following I’ve built up around my series over the years through my website and social media, RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST already has a reach of close to 30,000 viewers. But we want to grow our list and blow that number out of the water.

So, if you are a reader of YA, you can sign up right here, right now.

If you’re an author, you can check out our AUTHOR SUBMISSIONS PAGE HERE for all the details. 

And don’t forget to Meet the Curators of the list HERE

Thank so much for your time, and Happy Reading.


Buy Yourself a Bundle of Books for Valentines

That Annual Day of Romance is upon us and my advice? Show yourself a little love by buying a bouquet of BOOKS! Well, technically, it’s called a Bundle, but I think “bouquet” works just as well. I know I’d much rather get books than flowers any day of the week, especially on Valentines.

So, here’s how it works. Right now, GHOST HAND, the first book of The PSS Chronicles, is selling in the Legends and Dreams book bundle on WeBundleIt  HERE featuring 8 AMAZING books, including multiple-best-selling authors Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson!


Legends Bundle


And the way book Bundling works is pretty cool.

First, YOU get to set YOUR OWN PRICE for the Bundle (minimum of $3, but you can see that is a steal). If you pay under $13 you get 5 books, and if you pay over $13 you unlock three more books for a total of 8! That’s a lot of new authors to explore and enjoy.

Second, you get the NEW, REDESIGNED for 2015 cover of GHOST HAND.

Third, 10% of all proceeds GO TO THE CHARITY “Stories for Students” which focuses on providing free books for kids in K-12 classrooms.

So, why not give yourself some bookish love, support some great authors, and give to charity? I can’t think of a more romantic thing to do. Can you?



It’s a new year and The PSS Chronicles is bursting with newness.

First, I am thrilled to announce the release of MANO FANTASMA, the first foreign language translation of GHOST HAND. MANO FANTASMA was translated into Spanish by Barcelona resident and professional translator, Eduardo Ferrer, distributed through Babelcube with a cover design by Scarlett Rugers, and launched on January 14th to various e-book venues.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00040]

MANO FANTASMA is currently available through:






Coming Soon to Amazon, 3M, Baker and Taylor, Follet, Overdrive, Gardners, and Chegg. 

Be sure to tell all your Spanish speaking friends and family they can now read Cronicas Del PSS I.

And that isn’t the only news I have. I like the new Spanish language cover so much, I’ve decided to replace the original GHOST HAND cover with it. That’s right. GHOST HAND has gotten a makeover and HERE it is:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00040]

The original GHOST HAND cover will be discontinued at the end of January, so if you really liked it be sure to grab a signed paperback copy before they are gone from Amazon, B&N, or HERE on my website. 


Ghost Heart banner 3 edit

I’m thrilled to announce that GHOST HEART was released October 14 on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and at numerous Independent Portland Bookstores. You can now get the e-book or paperback at all major book retailers.

In celebration, I’m having two local live launch events at the end of October.

The first is a LAUNCH PARTY EXTRAORDINAIRE at Another Read Through Bookstore, 3932 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR, SUNDAY, Oct 26th from 2-4 pm. This event will include snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic), a reading, a PSS Trivia Contest, a Q&A with me, and a book signing, plus PRIZES! Come get your answers from THE magic eight ball and see my new ghost hand.

The second event is a HALLOWEEN EVE LAUNCH PARTY with CAT WINTERS at Jacobsen’s Books and More, 211 East Main St., Hillsboro, OR, THURSDAY, Oct 30th at 6:30 pm.  Never fear. I will have my eight ball and ghost hand at this one too.

Please come to either. Or both. I’d love to see you and don’t forget to bring your books for me to sign.

103014 RipleyCat (1)


I’m thrilled to announce that you can now pre-order GHOST HEART in e-book format on both AMAZON and KOBO. The release date says October 14th. I’m hoping it will be done sooner and if it is, I’ll bump up the date. Sadly, B&N won’t allow me to do pre-orders at this time, but I may be setting up something on my website soon for Nook/epub and paperback pre-orders. So, be sure to check back here.




Ghost Heart pre-order teaser


Writing Process Blog Tour for 8/27/2014

I was tagged by the amazing and writerific, Megan Lee Hosa, to participate in a running blog tour about writers and their process. Megan’s post can be found on her blog, The Hideous Garden, and her answers are fascinating. Go check them out.

Now, it’s my turn to let you peek into my writing cave and brain, and find out how the magic works.

trust the process

1) What are you working on?  

I just finished the final edits and proofs of the third book in my YA paranormal thriller series, GHOST HEART. And it feels soooo good. This book was challenging to write. I stretched myself by branching out of the one character, first-person POV I’d used in the first two books to incorporate four additional character POVs. It was a blast.

Now that the book is in the hands of the formatter, I’m busy sending out ARCs and gearing up for the launch parties and blog tours. Plus, I’m going to take fall off from writing because it’s my favorite season. Plus,I need to spend some time with the real characters in my life, like my two teenagers and awesome husband.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I write YA paranormal, but it has no werewolves or vampires or angels. My series is about a paranormal birth defect based on the real phenomenon of phantom limb syndrome, which I honestly haven’t seen done anywhere else. My YA is fairly gritty and realistic. It has romantic elements, but tension and actions, not romance, drive the narrative. Most people who read my series say, “Wow. I’ve never read anything like this, but I like it.” And they are page-turners. One of my goals of writing the books was to create a story you just couldn’t put down until you were done.

3) Why do you write what you do?

I love to read YA, so I wrote the story I wanted to read. I also appreciate the way YA doesn’t take itself too seriously and has such a sense of innocence, discovery, and transition. Oh, and I also have two teenagers of my own who beta read all my books and make sure I keep them real and current.

4) How does your writing process work?

It’s half magic, half sit-in-the-chair-and-make-words. I’m a panster, not a planner or outliner. I write for the same reason I read, to find out what happens. I’m delighted when my characters and my plot surprise me. I marvel when something small I wrote in book one becomes something huge in book three. Writing is my joy and bliss.

But practically speaking, I sit a lot and live in my head. I forget to eat and drink and bathe, and the people who love me (and my cat) have to come nudge me back into the world everyone else lives in. That’s the not so romantic part.

Tune in next week when authors Mary Holland and Maggie Lynch post on their blogs about their process.

Mary Holland writes fantasy and speculative fiction for grownups. She managed a corporate research library in Silicon Valley for twenty-five years, mostly to support her book buying habit. She’s now writing full-time. Her books, Matcher Rules and The Bone Road, are available in ebook from all online vendors and in paperback from She’s currently working on her third novel, which might be titled The Dog of Pel. It’s not about a dog. She lives in the Santa Cruz mountains in California with three cats and one husband.

Maggie Lynch loves to learn. With careers ranging from counseling families with special needs children to leadership in academic computing, she has had plenty of opportunities to learn, meet new people, and travel widely. Throughout it all writing has been her first love. Her publications include four non-fiction books, over 35 short stories, and nine novels. She now writes full time as Maggie Jaimeson for adult fiction and Maggie Faire for young adult fiction. Her fiction is often cross-genre including SF, Fantasy, Suspense, and Romance. She continues to write non-fiction under Maggie Lynch.


Sticky: Keep Calm Ghost Heart is Coming

Dear Amazing PSS Fans,

You may have noticed it’s nearing the end of August and GHOST HEART hasn’t released yet. Originally, I had planned to release GHOST HEART in late July, but due to unforeseen revision and scheduling issues, that didn’t happen.

Then, I was hoping to get the book out by the end of August, but here we are only a few days away and that isn’t looking likely.

I am sincerely sorry, and I deeply appreciate your support and patience throughout the publishing process.

Keep Calm Because GHOST HEART is Coming.

I am excited to say that the manuscript is completely done, edited, revised, and proofed and has just been turned over to the formatter. That is really the only step left before I can send it out for physical proofs and hit the publish button on the e-book version, but it will take several weeks, at the least. I hesitate to give a specific release date again, but it is coming soon. I promise. Be sure to watch here, on my Author FB page, and in my newsletter for announcements about the upcoming release.

And despite the delay, I believe it will be well worth it. The betas and editors who have read the book so far have loved it, and I thought I’d share they’re take with you.

Beta readers on GHOST HEART

Honestly, this has been my favorite part of the series so far. I’m really looking forward to what direction you take it. My notes are really just love notes about how much I love it.

I loved the alternating POVs, especially Passion’s, It gave us a chance to see Passion grow as a character. You managed to get a different teenage girl voice, distinct from Olivia’s, and to make her believable.

Editors on GHOST HEART

Editor Lauren McKellar

I have to start with: WOW. Just WOW. I forgot how much I enjoyed this concept and what a great series idea you have with it. The way it’s all so well crafted, with specific plot details etc—you did an epic job, and you should be so proud of yourself. Well done!

Editor Jennifer Matusik Ingram of Blue Water Editing

Oh, what a tale you weave. You know I’ve been hooked since GHOST HAND. GHOST HEART is phenomenal. And of course I need more. Want more. And I have a book hangover.

You are killing me, Ripley. Bit by bit. Shred by shred. One drop of PSS at a time! 

GHOST HEART coming August 2014


For those of you eagerly awaiting its release, GHOST HEART is coming in August 2014 to e-book and paperback. Be sure to sign up for my e-mailing list in the right hand column to be informed as soon as it is available.

Introducing Beth Barany: The Inspiration Behind Henrietta


I’ve always loved fairy tales and folktales. And as a kid I read all I could get my hands on. I loved Jack and the Giant Killer series, including Jack and The Beanstalk. But I was frustrated that there weren’t any girls killing giants. I could run and hide and play just as hard as the boys at Capture the Flag and Ollie Ollie Oxen Free. I was tough, loved wrestling, shooting, fishing, and being outdoors. Why weren’t there strong girls in those tales? I didn’t see myself in those stories. So I created Henrietta to be the kind of heroine I wished I could have read about when I was young.

I suppose you could say she’s one of my alter egos. As for Henrietta’s friends: Franc reminds me of friends I’ve known, who come off fierce but have hearts of gold. Jaxter was inspired by Joxer, Ted Raimi’s character in Xena, and enhanced by the fun humor of my husband, Ezra Barany. Paulette also just came from my subconscious. When my sister read the story, she wondered if Paulette takes after her. Maybe? I am the eldest child and my sister was kinda a pain in the ass, sometimes. :-) Henrietta’s mentor, Master Chen, was inspired by several teachers I’ve had who were big influences, including Marcel Cote, my French teacher when I was an exchange student in Quebec, Canada when I was 16. Marcel took me under his wing when no one else did.

The setting of my Five Kingdoms series is inspired by medieval Europe, the feudal system, and the blending of cultures I’ve seen in such shows and movies as Firefly, Serenity, Fifth Element, Star Wars, and Blade Runner.

The overall themes of female empowerment are also inspired by what I’ve learned on tribal cultures and by my great-grandmother, Meridel Le Sueur, who honored the strength and power of women.

I’m inspired to create a world for Henrietta where she is challenged to be a leader and struggles with what they means. I think we women and the girls behind us need positive, strong, and complex role models. Through fiction we travel away from self into other worlds to uncover more about ourselves. Then come back home to self and the normal world. In the regular day-to-day world, we can then integrate what we learned. I hope!

About Beth Barany:

Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance and adventure to transport readers to new worlds where anything is possible.
Book 1: Henrietta The Dragon Slayer was the 2012 Grand Prize winner at the California Fiction Writers Book Contest and the 2011 Finalist at the Hollywood Book Festival.
Reader reviews of the award-winning young adult fantasy, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, Book 1 in the Five Kingdoms series

As far as young adult fantasies go, Henrietta, The Dragon Slayer is a good read that I think any age, teen to adult, would enjoy. I only hope a sequel is in the works!

The witty dialogue and good story line makes this book hard to put down. I really could not stop reading it and was really tired the next day. It’s also very satisfying to read about a girl heroine fighting the good fight. –Jeri

Beth, best known for strong heroines in her stories, this story is no exception. It is a tale of righteousness and overcoming adversity including magic. –Robert Mendak “RJ”

The book is a beautiful story about friendship, a heroine, and a quest to kill a dragon. Who wouldn’t be excited? The entire concept sounded interesting and I was not at all disappointed. –Brittany, from Goodreads

Beth Barany has made a world where unlikely friendships rule and being a friend means more than you can know. –Tami, from Goodreads

Special Blog Tour Giveaway: Grand Prize

I’ll be giving away 2 signed copies of Henrietta and the Dragon Stone.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ll mail you a copy anywhere in the world.
I’ll also give away e-book copies of Henrietta and the Dragon Stone at each blog tour stop.

• Where to find Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 2)

Barnes & Noble


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Art by Steph’s Cover Designs

Third Book the the Fallen Desire Series by NL Echeverria!

Coming July 2014!


“I can feel the evil seeping through my skin from every direction as my body consumes all of it. I can feel the hatred, pain and sorrow running through my veins as if it’s a part of me, as if I’m connected to the evil, drawn to it.” ~ Lindsay

Lindsay’s destiny continues in this ravishingly twisted third installment to the “Fallen Desire” series. When she’s tested by the powers of black magic she will find out who her true friends are. A new fallen angel, Luke, shows her a way of using the darkness to her advantage.

Will the dark magic consume her? Or will Lindsay remain in control?

Lucifer has known this day will come and is more than prepared. It is ordained that on the eighteenth birthday of the Redeemer she will embrace her true powers and stand by his side in the battle against the fallen.

Lindsay knows he’s coming and that he will be ready for her. She gathers all of the witches and fallen angels that are willing to stand and fight, but she could never have prepared for what she will be faced with.  Ethan does all he can to keep the fear of the hellhounds away but it’s a new friend that helps Lindsay kill the hounds that haunt her dreams. The anticipation of the coming battle has Lindsay questioning herself more than ever and she may end up trusting those she shouldn’t. Unknown love and friendships ignite while true love is tested.

Will her love for Ethan stay strong? Will Lindsay be able to stand up to Lucifer or will she embrace the evil that lurks inside her?

About me …

Ripley Patton lives in Portland, Oregon with one cat, two teenagers, and a man who wants to live on a boat. She is an award-winning short story writer and author of The PSS Chronicles, a YA paranormal thriller series.

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