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I absolutely LOVE IT when fans contact me to tell me they enjoyed my books.

I LOVE IT even more when they send me a pic of them with my books or something else related to GHOST HAND, GHOST HOLD, or The PSS Chronicles.

Want to have your pic included on this Fan Page? Just post it to my Author Facebook Page or send it to and if you include your mailing address, I’ll send you a signed post card of one of the series book covers.

3 Responses to “Fan Gallery”

  • Carla Birchmier:

    I love the enthusiasm for you & your delectable books. Love the fan photos! The ghost heart link. Freaking awesome! Thanks to all. Truly! Peacd,

  • Coury Shumacher:

    I love your work. It keeps me up telling me to keep reading. I finished your Olivia Black series in three days. I am so happy to have found your work and it helps to whisk me away from my life to Olivias. I thank you very much for the books an for putting the writing out there for the world to read

  • Ripley:

    Coury, thank you so much for your comment. But you aren’t done with the series yet because Ghost Hope, the final book, is coming out in only a few months.

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