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PSS, or Psyche Sans Soma (which is Greek for “life without flesh”), is something I made up based on the real phenomenon of phantom limbs. Amputees or people born without limbs can often still feel sensation and pain and the presence of body parts they don’t have. And this is where the idea for PSS came from. I asked myself, “What would those phantom limbs be like if they really existed? What special powers might they hold? And how would society react to the people who had them?”

What I never really expected was that so  many readers would think PSS was real. On a regular basis, I get queries from readers asking about PSS or telling me they Googled it to find out more.

And even though I made it up for The PSS Chronicles, I’m never surprised when someone sends me an article hinting that maybe, on some level, PSS IS real.

Life is always stranger than fiction.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy these links to the PSS in our world.

Woman’s Missing Digits grow back in PHANTOM FORM. 

GHOST BABY born without blood.


How to Amputate a PHANTOM LIMB.

Do we all have PHANTOM LIMBS?

Found something in the news that proves PSS is becoming a reality?  Please send the link to with you mailing address and I’ll send you a signed postcard of one of The PSS Chronicles book covers as thank you.


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